There was an era I think that people of many different businesses were able to spend the majority of their time perfecting their craft. It was much more simple when someone who had an ability, talent, or skill could get a loan, rent a shop, put up a sign, and provide their service. When someone was really good at their specific ability, they were recommended. If they were especially good, they were challenged by big thinkers and creative minds trying to bring something different to the world.

Sadly, although I enjoy spending this time sharing my insanity, I am an example of what the world has required of people trying to make a living with their skill. I don't have the ability to ignore this relatively new responsibility to post something on Facebook, or Twitter, Instagram, this blog... but the amazing truth is that time has not gotten longer. In many ways time has gotten shorter. So now instead of me being able to hone in my craft when someone comes and asks for a style I've never written, or to improve my overall sound quality on many different levels, my time has been split with postings and emailing, and marketing in a way that didn't exist not too long ago.

So what does Sergei Polunin have to do with Beyonce, or Sia, or Bruno Mars? Not much except that they are all extremely talented and successful artists that inspire others art. So in my own effort to try to showcase whatever abilities I have to create somewhat diverse music in very diverse visuals, I put together a video with these incredibly talented performers.

What has this venture yielded? I have no clue... I, like many other people in many other business do whatever might catch the attention of someone and say, "hey that guy isn't so bad at his job, maybe we should give him a call?". All of us "starving artists" and entrepreneurs, particularly in the fast moving and trending world of entertainment, have been forced to split our time piercing our way through all of the people talented or otherwise doing the same thing we're doing.

At the end of it all, I'm extremely happy that I put this "dance demo" project together and particularly grateful that there are such inspiring people out there that help inspire me to be better and current and make the attempt to perfect my craft.

It's all about keeping the momentum and enjoying the process!!