My mission statement as a composer is to "service the film". Writing music for visual content is different from almost any other musical creativity because the music should not only be good on its own, but more importantly guide the audience where the director wants. It forces a composer to take much of the ego out of the process. I find it to be one of the most inspiring and challenging experiences in life and is something I'm intensely  passionate about. 

I started playing the piano at the age of 4 and was always told that my music sounded like it should be in a movie. For a million different reasons I never pursued music as a profession until just before 2008 when I decided to do what I love and attend UCLA for their Film Scoring Program. I had been educated in the Guild Program for most of my life learning classical piano to which I give my parents great credit for putting up with my incessant complaining. I can't count how many people have told me that they wished they continued to learn an instrument or musicians who don't know how to get it all out of their head. I would be the same if my mother hadn't figured out a way to keep me motivated. 

I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked on the many diverse projects in my career, and for the support of my wife and friends. Some of the best advice I ever heard from a composer was that no one fails in this business except for the ones that give up. There is nothing I would rather do for a living than creating music that can alter ones experience. It should always be about the journey not the destination.