Born and raised in Santa Barbara I have been playing the piano from the age of four and composing for almost as long. Having come from a musical family, writing has become, or has always been part of who I am and not what I do.

Thanks to the foresight and support of my family, at eight years old I started private studies with a Hungarian teacher in the “Guild Program”. After ten years of annual tests and the struggle of adolescence I put my education on hold.

For a large portion of my life I had avoided music as a profession for many of the same reasons most creative people do... fear. As an artist the fear of rejection and failure is too much to bear at times. However, after a series of life events I realized that sometimes the drive of ones passion is beyond our own control.

Knowing from the beginning that my interests and talents were driven to film, I entered the UCLA Film Score Program, one of the top two in the country. What I have learned is that there is a lot more to servicing a film than just being a great composer. The ability to capture an emotion on film without overpowering the image takes a great deal of attention and understanding. Many film makers look to composers to shape a scene and possibly an entire project. In my opinion a good film composer should be able to accomplish that, including when “less is more”. There is a fine balance between creating great music and supporting a film, my goal is to do both.